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Asked by Last Updated:

We have been married 8 months and My husband won't come around my family when they have been very nice I thought.

Before we got married we were one happy family, but now he says he's been dealing with it this whole time and he's done.
I admit my dad can be over bearing but he's not evil.
My husband thinks he attacks him on purpose by making these sly comments.
I think he's paranoid and wrong.
My parents have been very nice to him.
We have a lot of issues but this one is threatening to break us already.
what do I do

1 Answers

Ted1234 Answered:

Why this happening is because your husband really cares about what your father says and thinks about him. See trouble between in laws is a common problem. You should not become hopeless so soon. You must have spoken to your husband about this, now it is time you speak to your father. You do not have to be rude, just explain to him your situation and I am sure he will understand. I am sure your parents have been very kind and sweet to your husband, but from what it looks like, your husband is very sensitive. Just tell your dad to keep that in mind when they meet the next time. However, if nothing works for you and your dad and husband still don't seem to go along well, then you can seek help from a family counselor.

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