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please help me

I have been married 34 years to the love of my life, the last two years he has changed some but nothing big, I am sure I have as well.
3 months ago he had a heart attack but was blessed with a speedy recovery.
His health is great.
2 months ago he decided to reconnect with a woman who was the child of his first wife ( whom he married, divored,remarried and divorced again) The woman was a infant and he was a part of her life for 5 years after that nothing, not a phone call, card, visit NOTHING.
In all our years together he has mentioned her perhaps 5 times, i have never spoken nor seen her, ok they reconnect thru facebook.
while i was out of town he called me to tell me they were speaking and she wanted to visit, i was upset i thought it was something we should have talked over first.
Anyway they have only spoken 1 (she hate phones) but suddenly a man who never texts is carring his phone around like it is his life support texting up a storm and telling me each and every day that she is a little girl trapped in a 42 year body (she have been married twice 3 grown kids) and she is very girly so i am told.
Anywy one day he asked me to hand him his phone and I saw a text that said goodnight sweet dreams so that got me weirded out then one night agter he had gone to bed i went in our room and he was texting for the first time in my life i snooped i looked at his texts to and from her and there were a zillion to many to read if i wanted but i counted one day and they had texted 14 time and when he went fishing he sent he pic of beach and he is texting every morning at 5:30 AM when he gets to work Good morning sunshine and thru out the day.
none of the texts were of a sexual nature but something in them makes me uneasy Am I nuts

1 Answers

Kausik_Ram Answered:

Since your husband is informiing yu all and the messages have no seriousness, talk to him not to continue, as otherwise it may become serious.

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