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Wife not cooperative and understanding , fights and quarells and doesn't respect husband

My wife doesn't love me much She finds me less interesting as an individual , as I don't have big muscles and I am not very fashionable.
She feels I am very calculative when it comes to spending.
She says  my friend circle is less.
She rarely gets close to me.
I feel love is missing in our life and we have been married for 6-8 months and fought multiple times, quarells and shouting etc.
It's a arranged marriage months 

1 Answers

Kausik_Ram Answered:

Co-operation is a twoway activity, not onesided. Both of your are from different background. Even assuming that she is not loving yu as expected by you, talk to her, ask her suggestions on things you do for your home. Your looks or muscle may not be an issue at all. Now on try to satisfy her durng sex and do not be too stingy. If any excessive spening eemand is there from her siide try to explain the financial position. Howevere, if you believe in the old time feelings that ladies are slaves ofhusbands,it may not work and complicate matters. As a person of more uderstanding,youshould try to talk to her more and understand her issues. Then the problems will be solved

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