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Husbands Emotional Affair

I've been with my husband for 18 years and our sec life has always been amazing.
He hasn't been perfect but I never had a solid indication he's cheated on me.
I've been faithful and loving.
we loved to another state 2 1/2 years ago.
Two months after we moved her I found he had been texting my bf behind my back.
When I confronted my bf, whole lives in another state, she claims she was giving him relationship advice.
I had no indication our relationship wasn't going well.
It caused a huge fight.
I thought okay they would stop.
Fact is they didn't! Finally after two years I tell him I'm done.
So then he declares his love for me and cuts her out completely.
But he said something that stayed with me.
He said our sex life was amazing when he talked to her.
So in August he cut her out completely.
She ran to tell her husband before I told him and made my husband look like the bad guy.
i think okay we can move on and make this work.
Thing is, the minute he cut her off he also cut off our sex life! He says he's not in the mood or just doesn't want to.
This has never been an issue in our marriage.
I feel hurt and rejected.
I feel like they must have had an emotional affair because he can no longer enjoy me.
  Im so torn.
Do I move on? I tried taking to him.
He's a vault with his feelings.
I'm so lost! 

2 Answers

Fixthis69 Answered:

Men who have a affair get a chip on there shoulder that you found out and you rocked his world.. So he will close you out with sex. Those kind of men are Narcissit..They will make you feel you did somthing wrong. They take care of themselves .. Thats why the sex stops..

Ted1234 Answered:

Yes, unfotunately, I think it is quite clear that he has feelings for that other woman still. And I can understand that it is heartbreaking. But you must draw some strength from within and ask him to see a couples counselor with you. The reason is that I think the chances of your relationship surviving is quite slim. How long will you bear the feeling of rejection and how long will you stay with any real intimacy? That cannot go long. So before everything falls apart, seek help from a professional.

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