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my wife suddenly left me, ive realised my wrong but she wont give me a chance

my wife of 2 years left me for a week, i  didnt contact me for a week and i relaised that ive been controling and not listening to her and missed all the crys for help, i tryed to explin to her that i will do what ever i can to change, she then returned to say she is done,  i reconise that ive been a controling figgure in her life so im not pushing her to do anything and trying to be lovng and co0perating with her but its hard to let her see that if shes given up and wont see me  im giving her space and not calling or texting her and we have mutial friends that are going to talk to her and try to get her to give it another try,  what should our friends say to her  and what is my next move  please help, i love her so much   

1 Answers

Ted1234 Answered:

Well if she has really made up her mind, then I am afraid no matter what you do, nothing is going to change her mind. But if there is a slight ray of hope in your relationship, if somewhere in heart she still loves you, then perhaps your friends might be able to help. I am sure you already would have told your wife that you would change and you are truly sorry for being that way and for not listening to her. Now what you can do is tell your friends to vouch for you infront of her, let them also know how truly sorry you are. You can also tell them that you are ready to go for couples counseling to sort things out. Couples counseling might help her convince to come back and might help you in curbing your controlling behavior.

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