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What to do when my fiancee's father does not support our martial plans?

Good afternoon, My name is Tobi.
I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for about 7 years.
We got serious 4 years ago and have begun our wedding plans.
Right now our problem is that my fiancee's father says He is no longer interested in our relationship.
When probed further He's say He has no problem with me as a person but still does not want us to get married.
Before now things were good between her parents and me.
Her father is a pastor in a branch of a certain church that I used to attend and I had explained to Him I no longer attend the church.
One day he called me and said He would like me to go back to the church.
I called Him later to explain my reasons for being in the Church I worship now that I was led there by the Holy Spirit.
Not long after, I began to hear He is no longer interested in our plans for marriage.
Please I need advise, what do I do.

2 Answers

Tawnee Answered:

Communicate with the girl's father and explain your side for not attending his church. If he is rational enough, then he will accept it. Also, I hope he sees that you love your girlfriend as much as he does.

Ted1234 Answered:

Hi Tobi I believe most problems that we encounter can really be solved with effective communication. In your case, leaving a church is no reason for dispproval for marriage. It doesn't make you a good or bad person. It is more of an individual choice. You need to communicate with your girl friend's father and explain this to him. He must be a wise man to get your point. Most important thing for him to know is that you really love his daughter. If you can explain your genuine feelings for the girl, I am sure he is going to come around to accepting your marriage also.

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