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Why is my husband looking on craiglist?

My husband of 16 years have been looking on Craigslist personal section (women seeking men) not just one ad but 20 ads.
When I confronted him he got mad at me asking me why don't I trust him he's not doing anything.
And now he is mad at me for looking on his phone.
Am I the crazy one.
Of course I feel violated and hurt.
And this isn't the first time this has happened.

1 Answers

Ted1234 Answered:

Hi Your concern is quite justified. But you know a lot of times, we sign in on a dating kind of site just for the heck of it or to keep ourselves abreast of new generation fads. But mostly, if he stays there for a long period of time then it is a warning sign. You will need to discuss with him about his intentions on the marriage. You have to help him open up to you. Try to be a friend he can confide in, even though it is going to be very difficult. If he opens up to you it will be good for you to know and deicde on your future course of action. Keep patience!

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