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No to sex anymore?

We are both 55 yos.
Physically fit and active lifestyle.
High corporate positions.
3 yrs ago I was medically mismanaged that got me comatosed for 2 yrs and 1 year physiotherapy.
Now, I am quite mobile and sexual urges returned.
I made advances to my wife in bed, she turned away and said "Go to bed.
No mood.
" She did this always when I made my move.

1 Answers

Ted1234 Answered:

There can be 2 reasons why your wife is not interested in sex anymore. First is because she hasn't had sex in 2 years, that has some how dried up her libido that she doesn't want to have sex. And the second is that she 55 years old, she has reached her period of menopause. After menopause it is quite natural for women to lose their sexual urges. So maybe that can be the reason. Any which way all you can do is talk to your wife about it and visit a gynacologist who can treat this or maybe give supplements to prolong your sex life.


Replied on Mar 25, 2020

Dude, this is entirely possible because the entire reproductive system is connected in the male body.
By the way, my friend came across this about 5 years ago but he was able to deal with it .
We were all shocked when we found out about it, but we all constantly supported him and not allowed to give up.
He underwent several chemotherapy courses and he was able to overcome the tumor.
However, the problem was that he had a partial loss of potency and then he decided to try different pills and found out in the reviews on which forum about Viagra kopen online in https://apotheekheren.
He ordered pills and within a month he said that he completely got rid of all the problems with potency and he was infinitely happy!

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