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Need help for build trust

It is almost 4 years to our marriage.
my kid is now of 2 years.
From the time we got married issue are grown in our life.
Continous fight.
He is very angry person and keep on saying bad things to me so I also get angry.
actually he is very doubty person and keep doubt on me for all things even if I did nothing.
He always think  or take my action in wrong way.
he things I have affair in my office so am working for 6 yrs at same place.
But its not like that, i have given my married life more priority then my career.
I dont know how to build trust in him.
Also he tont me for my low salary and my health.
Sometime i think to get seperate but due to my attachment for him i am not able to leave him.
Also think of my kid and take a back step.
Please tell me how should I handle it.
Sometimes I even feel to sucide.

3 Answers

Fixthis69 Answered:

Your husband needs angry management. No person should be treated like this. It breaks your spirit when your talked to like that. How long have you been mentaly abused? Ask your husband if he Loves you.I cant believe he treats you like this.You need to go to a marriage counsler or a therapist. You can go by yourself. It will help you.Be Strong. Dont let him break your spirit. There are sweet men out there that treat there wives with respect. Please get help

Fixthis69 Answered:

Counseling does not help. Men lie right to the counsler. Its a waist of money in my life. He lied to me also. But I had help withi information about his affair. Its starting again . I dont know what to do. I am stuck. I have no money. I think its a coworker that he is seeing. I wish I could afford a detective or something else to catch him. When he is on computer and I walk in he closes out his page. He dont even think what it does to me and how its so ignorant.

Ted1234 Answered:

Your husband is extremely controlling and he needs to see a counselor. I know that it would be very difficult for you to tell him to visit a counselor but atleast you can tell him that the two of you need to see a couples counselor together. A couples counselor can help you and your husband to realize why he is behaving the way he is. Counseling can curb his mean behaviour. Please do not think of taking such a drastic step. You marriage can be salvaged and your husband is capable of change, just don't lose hope.

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