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Should you marry a woman with a child?

There are very few pieces of expert advice on the internet about whether one should marry a woman with a child.
Of course, I would choose a childless partner all other things being equal.
But if there is no such alternative, is it reasonable to marry a woman with a child? Will it be a serious strain on relationship? Thank you.

1 Answers

Ted1234 Answered:

If you ask me there are more responsibilities involved in marrying a woman with a child. There are other factors that you need to concern your self with when marrying such a woman like: Does she expect any sort of help in chores related to children or financial help? Does her children like you? What are her financial obligations related to her children? How much of her time does her children need? How old are children? etc. Only after considering these question you should take a decision about marriage. But you shouldn't be so dissapointed with all this, love transcends all. If you love her that much, you can figure out everything perfectly.


Replied on Oct 06, 2017

The child is a girl, four years old, and she lives with this woman.
I have seen the girl only from the outside (she does not know me).
This woman wants financial support from me.
However, I can't say I love children, but I do not hate them either (neutral to children).
That said, I want two children of my own.
Please let me know if this changes anything.
Thank you so much!

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