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Is there hope for my marriage?

My wife and I and have been married 8 years this October.
We met and were married 6 months of knowing each other.
We've been through a lot in 8 years together, had many ups and downs.
6 months ago we had a big fight and she said she wasn't sure she wanted to be with me anymore.
She left for a few days.
Came back and we did 1 counseling session and never finished the plan.
Things go better for awhile and now here we are again and had a blow up fight again.
She left and came back, but this time she said she loves me as a friend but is not in love with me anymore.
And then said she wanted a divorce.
Our issues stem from her saying I'm controlling and to me thinking she spends way too much time with her single friends and staying out late.
We began talking about the details of splitting up and selling our house and getting everything going.
But then the other night we were talking and she started crying and saying she wasn't sure how she felt.
So I asked her if we could pray on the matter and pray for clarity.
We did and afterwards she asked me if I wanted to go to dinner the next night (last night).
We went out and had a good time.
It kind of felt like our normal dinners out.
We didn't talk about the relationship but just normal stuff.
We both agreed we had a good time and came home.
By the way we are still in the same bed too.
Anyway then this morning I asked her if we could go out tonight and she gave me kind of a sigh.
I asked why the sigh and she said because I'm pushing it.
So my question is, is there a possibility she can start to love me again and how do i need to go about this? We went from talking about the divorce and splitting to having a nice dinner and talking normal.
What do I do?

4 Answers

Marquee007 Answered:

yes there is still hope. look back and think what went wrong focus on the issues of the past. praying and proper counselling might be useful to save marriage.


Jessica007 Answered:

Personally I think you still have chances to save your marriage. It looks like your wife still can't decide what to do..she's flip-flopping on that matter and waiting for you to pursue an outreach towards your relationships.
I'm not too experienced in such questions, but you can use some advice from some counselor
these guys really know how to act ​in such scenarios.

WilliamNan Answered:

I'm really sorry that you are going through all of this in your life and you definitely should decide for yourself whether those relationships are worth saving or no.

Ted1234 Answered:

Good news for you, you can definitely save your marriage. From your question it is clear that you and your wife are still in love. And both of you somewhere in your heart want this relationship to work out. But I understand that you two have problems in your relationship. And those problems won't go away on their own, you must resolve them. I suggest you go back to counseling and complete the full counseling sessions. I am sure it will help.

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