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Wife and my family don't talk

My wife doesn't get along with my family of origin.
Specifically my parents and older sister.
They can be very intense, opinionated, and controlling.
In the past we've had major blow ups with them, bad arguments, and general difficulty in establishing boundaries with them that they respect.
She hasn't spoken to them in 8 months.
My wife is currently pregnant.
She has decided that she doesn't want to communicate with my family for the entire duration of the pregnancy - 6 more months.
No calls, texts or emails.
She feels as though any communication stresses her out and gives her anxiety.
On one hand I empathize, but on the other, I find it extreme and not the way to heal relationships.
Recently my family has been kind, and offering excitement and support.
My wife doesn't care for any of this and has made up her mind about what kind of people she thinks they are.
She now wants me to call my family and tell them to stop calling, texting, and emailing.
This makes me uncomfortable, because I think it is extreme and doesn't work in the direction of mending the relationship.
I also think it's unnecessarily confrontational given we haven't had any major issues with them in over a year.
She won't budge and expects me to do this.
She gets angry whenever she gets a text or email from them, even though they have been to just say hi.
Not sure what to do here!

1 Answers

Ted1234 Answered:

HI You sound like you have given up completely on your wife. I think, like in most cases, communication is the only way to sort out the issues. You will have to sit down with her an dtalk about all the things that are going on in her mind right now. Try to reason with her on why she is wrong and what is actually the best thing to do right now. And most importnly, try to understand her point of view also, as she would have some logic for behaving like this. Be patient, give time to this problem while you convince your wife.

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