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How to cope with husband's flirting?

My husband is always flirting with other women.
I knew he was like this when we first met, but he said it was 'just harmless fun', so I ignored it.
All I asked was that he stop doing it in front of me and he did.
My friends say that I should not allow him as its disrespectful to me, what do everyone think?

3 Answers

Fglakeside Answered:

Sometime you don't just considered it his main problem most men that flirts lacks something so ask question and see if there's a away you can help men... doing it in front of you that's total disrespect..

Bursar Answered:

His behavior is very disrespectful to you, presuming you have never engaged in the same behavior. If you have been a good wife, you are the injured party here. And if he flirts so much, it's reasonable to presume he has gone farther.

Michelle_gels Answered:

This is completely unacceptable. You have to make it it clear to him that he either be a philanderer or be a loyal, caring husband.

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