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Should i wait or should i go?

Me & my bf have been together almost 10 years.
I took him from his ex gf bc i just knew i had to have him.
We have two kids together one of which I haven't told him wasn't his, but he thinks she is.
I often talk to him about marriage but he always says I'm not married or I'm never getting married.
But he brought me a ring and told me it was just a ring and nothing more.
He just recently brought a house near his parents and didn't put me on the mortgage.
I don't like it but I tell people we brought it together.
Am I wasting my time it should I just wait and eventually he will change his mind?

2 Answers

Jus4fun Answered:

Ask him why they cant get married. If your ready for marriage you better think again. If he did not put your name on the Mortage. That should be a red light. If you have a place to go if it dont work out in case he throws you out. He dont want to get married. So if you love him then you can wait till hes ready.

Ted1234 Answered:

Sometimes, we tend to overthink and want clear answers on things that are really important to us.But, perhaps we need to leave certain things on time. If verything looks fine in your life right now, why do you want additional confirmation. You are already living like a married couple, a ceremony will not make you more married to each other. Rest, as they say, all good things happen in due time. So, lead a happy life of contentment, marriage will happen when it has to.

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