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Can you fall out of love with your best friend?

My husband is my best friend in the world.
We've had five years of faithful support, common views, sharing in happiness and strong physical attraction.
But now, all of a sudden, it's as if whenever he speaks to me about something and I don't understand, he gets angry at me and even makes barbs at my intelligence.
He yells at me and blames everyone and everything else for how he reacts to the simplest things, while I try to remain calm and listen.
It hurts, especially since he's so SMART and has so much more going for him than me.
And with the million-and-one things he lets himself get involved in day-to-day--yet one he doesn't seem to concern himself much with is our firstborn child about to arrive in just a few weeks--there's a loneliness I've tried to describe that he doesn't seem to understand.
He'll apologize.
but mainly out of obligation.
He uses all the right phrases and expressions to make it seem like the problem would actually go away.
But I know it's just a merry-go-round, and when I tell him this, he becomes upset with me all over again and the cycle repeats itself.
How can we start our family like this? I'm afraid and so sad to admit it, but I worry if I'm falling out of love with him.
I was taught to put others that I truly care about before myself, which I've always done where he was concerned, because I know how lucky I am to have him.
And yet.
I start to wonder if, from his perspective, I've become nothing but a needy, moronic roommate that he may or may not want to have sex with depending on how gross they look that day, being so far along in pregnancy.
It's horrible to believe, and worse when said out loud, but.
I don't know.

1 Answers

Ted1234 Answered:

Your situation is truly heartbreaking, no to-be mother should feel like this. No wonder you feel like you don't love him anymore. The first thing that you should do is express exactly how you feel, possibly use the same words as you have used in the question. But there are chances that you would have already done that. Now, I would suggest you to focus more on your child than your partner. Read magazines, watch shows, join parenting or fun classes to keep yourself busy. Try to not think about your husband and avoid negativity in life. This might make you feel better about yourself. But if nothing works for you and nothing makes your situation better then you should consider seeking a counselor. And if you can, convince your partner to visit a couples counselor with you.

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