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Is this normal??

I am 60 years old, divorced and have been in some serious relationships.
I am in a very loving relatiionship and we haven't had any problems until now.
Our sex life is great, but for one thing.
He would like me to perform oral sex on him, (ok, I can do that), but he wants to ejaculate in my mouth.
I told him that I can't do that, I am uncomfortable with that and that it has never been an issue with my other relationships.
He said that by saying no, it hurt his manhood and that women have been doing this to prove their love for their man since the beginning of time.
I totd him that in the relationships I have been in, the men, with the exception of one, have never asked to ejaculate in my mouth.
Besides, he only once has gone down to pleasure me and it never happened again.
i like it but thought that maybe he didn't like doing it, so I let it go.
So ladies and gents, please advise.
I know he is disappointed, but I don't know how to fix this?

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