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Is my husband cheating on me again?

My husband had an affair last year and with a lot of work and counselling, we put it behind us and I forgave him.
But recently I have began to have doubts as the woman he had the affair with has started sending him emails.
He was honest about it and showed me and we wrote back to her, but two things bother me.
Firstly he blocked her email address last year and claims she must have got it from this guy at work (they used to work together) and secondly he had the email A WHOLE WEEK before he showed me.
I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but how can I?

3 Answers

Debbieee Answered:

No point speculating if he cheated on you or not? If he is saying that he did not cheat on you, you should trust him. Until you know that he has cheated for sure, don't do anything drastic. Try and bring love back in your lives. Go out more often and work on building trust in your relationship.

Graham Answered:

Your skeptcism is understandable. Perhaps, since you are sharing most of the things with your husband,You can share this as well; the whole week he took to inform you. Do bring in the element of love in your relationship. Do not argue over trivial matters. Discuss things and then reach to mutually decided solutions. You also need to trust him. As family_forever said above, you are probably overthinking about it.

Micheal_209 Answered:

don't overthink. he is being open with you - trust him. i agree with the earlier comment. do your best in bringing the love back in your lives, do your best!

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