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My husband is cheating on me.
cant explan all things but in short he told me not to touch his phone.
he locked his phones with different patterns & codes.
how can i find out his messages or calls?

2 Answers

Suman1991 Answered:

hi thanks for reply its been 1 year of our marrige .... and its an arrange marrige... i have been go through with emotional abuse.. and other physco behaviour untill i told to the parents.. after that things little bit solved (just little bit ). Saving my marrige was the biggest concern at that time for me because i thaught he is honest , all he did because he cares about me etc. etc. its so much complicated to live with him. because my parents were happy with this decision. 2 month passed now this cheating issue happen .. he always stick with his phone over calls and chats . i never check his phone whom he talking or messaging, 1 day randmly i opened his messages when he was not arround found little chat with girl saved name with wwwww (i dnt know her ) my bad , he just came and snached the phone and said harash words , & and also said this www is a boy and we friends making fun & do not to touch his phone ever again. Now he is not talking to me so need to know about his messages and calls .. If he really with someone else so i dont want to stay a single day

Ted1234 Answered:

HI Suman This seems to be a really difficult situation. I am sure you badly want to know what is happening in your husband's life and why is he hiding his phone content from you. But lets just suppose if you do unlock his phone and find out something that is unacceptable to you, what will you do next? Do you think a fight or threat will help in your case? I am asking because only you know this guy and how he will react. In most such cases, fights and arguments don't really help. And mind you, cheating is very common these days. However, it is really saddening to experience such deceit in a pure relationship like marriage. But, talking about the corrective measures, try to stay strong and be clear about your priorities. If saving the marriage is on the top of your mind, patience is your bggest weapon. Let your husband figure out what he is jeaopardizing in life. Show your worth and don't chase things that are beyond your control. Your husband is a mature individual, let him decide the course of action for his life. Meanwhile, you can sit with him and talk peacefully about your feelings for him.

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