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I did not find the right head to post this

I love this guy and its been almost 5 years that we are in relation.
He is just the perfect guy for me and I know he is my soul mate.
And yesterday, he proposed me, with the most beautiful cushion cut diamond ring I've ever seen in whole of Vancouver, from Phera Diamonds.
It was like a dream come true.
But I'm sure my parents won't like him, cause he is like the bad guy in love with the good girl.
He doesn't even have a proper job and is always involved in some kind of fight.
He was also arrested couple of times for over speeding.
He breaks all rules and is such a spoiled brat.
But I know he loves me truly, and so do I.
So now how do I convince my parents or is it even the right decision to get married to such a guy?

1 Answers

Ted1234 Answered:

HI Before convincing your parents, are you convinced that he is the guy for you. I mean, the way you have described him, you portray as if he has too many bad traits. Keeping that in mind, do you think you can settle down with someone who has so many bad qualities. You must understand that dating and marriage are two different things. And, if you are clear that love is parmount and will help you sail through all difficult times and that eventually there is a plan to sort out everything, then think of convincing your parents. You need to logically think of all the reasons which motvate you to get married to this guy. You just need to communicate all these logical points to your parents. I am sure they will get your point and accept your decision.

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