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How to handle a difficult ex-wife who can not let go?

I have been divorced once and my husband has been twice divorced to the same woman.
She has been making life very difficult for us and I only can come up with one reason for her action--- she can not let go because in the past, she would leave but he would always take her back and this time he is moving on with his life.
She filed a restraining order against us although she lives many states away.
She's been moving around from state to state with their little girl ignoring court orders, and she is constantly on social media slandering us.
I have been patient, but now it gets to a point where I asked myself, why am I letting this woman come between us.
They have a child together and we can never really get away from her, and this burdens me a bit.
I know, I didn't go into this relationship blindfolded, but I was not a difficult ex-wife to my unfaithful husband so it's hard to understand why she is still constantly harassing us.
To respond to her actions would give her too much power, but how do I look away.
and just live my life.

1 Answers

Ted1234 Answered:

Well this is a tricky situation. This woman married your husband twice, maybe she is thinking she can do that again one more time. You have to be patient, think about what your husband is going through, he has a child with that woman! You are doing the correct thing by ignoring her and not giving her a reaction, her actions will fizzle out sooner or later, just don't lose your calm. See this situation as an opportunity to support your husband and get closer to him, strengthen your bond. I know it's easy to preach than practice but this what will get you through this situation.

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