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My bf is mumma's boy.

Confused about my bf’s behaviour Hi.
My name is Priya.
I am in a relationship since one year.
And recently our parents met to fix our wedding.
Everything was fine before i got to know some strange things about my bf.
He is mumma’s boy.
He likes to eat food from her mom’s hands, he updates about everything to her mom.
Her mom repeatedly calls him to take timely updates of his life.
Also, he does not do anything without asking her mother.
He even sleeps with her mom.
The weird thing is that he does not want to change these habits even after our marriage.
I tried my best to make him understand that these things are not good for our personal life.
But he started fighting with me and said that i can leave him if i can’t accept his habits.
What should i do? I am really confused.
He said that he will continue doing these things as he loves her mother a lot.
Please help me finding right decision for me?

3 Answers

Mike Jones Answered:

yeah .. I understand your situation but he is helpless too because he used to do this since childhood. But he needs to understand that he is married now and have started his own family.

WonderingAloud Answered:

Run.This sounds weird and toxic to me. Don't ignore something now that could potentially be a lifelong issue.

Ted1234 Answered:

Well if he going to sleep beside his mother after marriage, I don't think you've much of a choice.

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