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How do I win my husband back?

So I left my husband in the middle of last year because I was convinced we were never going to be happy and I was done with it.
Within the month I left, I cheated on our marriage 4 times.
Once I met up with him for the first time after leaving, I realize I made a horrible mistake so I lied about not doing anything.
Later he found out I did one of them but I continued to lie about the other moments.
It was almost 8 months after I came back that I finally told him.
Now he doesn't want to be with me because he says he can't trust or believe anything I say and that I lied to him while I was gone and when I came back.
I realize all of this is true and I want to win him back but I don't know how.
What is something I could do to make him see that I've changed and want this to work?

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