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Marriage Conflict Advice

I am in a situation with my husband, we have had many problems arguments, verbal abuse, anger and tensions etc I have suggested to my husband we should seek help from a professional and really try and work on our marriage, he has agreed to do so on the basis that we buy a 4 bedroom house this year (bare in mind we already own a 2 bed flat) He feels his anger and frustration is down to the worry of being ever able to afford a 4 bed property for our future.
My opinion on this is that we barely have a present therefore trying to plan for a future before working on the relationship doesn't make sense to me.
Please can anyone provide advise what is the right thing to do? what would you do in this situation?

1 Answers

Ted1234 Answered:

Well yes, you have a valid point. There is no point planning for future unless you are happy with your current relationship. Maybe he is clear about the reason why he fights and gets tensed, but you have to tell him that he is not the only person in the relationship. You too, can have issues and problems that might not get solved with purchasing a 4 bedroom property. You have to tell him that you need couples counseling because the need for a bigger house is not the only problem in the relationship. You need to improve your relationship to have a future together.

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