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Do I take my cheating wife back for the sake of my kids?

I am a single dad with two little girls, Diane and Maria from my first relationship.
When I split from their mum, they stayed with me as she seemed to be more interested in her new boyfriend than spending time with them.
When he dumped her, she suddenly decided she wanted them back and I really tried to stop her - Social services gave in to her on account of her being their mother - despite the fact that she had ignored them for 6 whole weeks.
I get to see them every other week now and its really hard.
Last night, she texted me saying she wants to talk about getting back together, for the sake of the girls.
But I can't trust her, should I give her another chance for the sake of my little girls?

1 Answers

Mark Answered:

Kids are part of heart. Aren't they? You must consider her proposal to get back for the sake of kids. She might have regretted her earlier mistake or she might be a bitch and want your financial/security support for the family. She might have a good intention behind it or she might be looking for an opportunity to get your help in as many things as possible for it isn't easy for one person to take care of two little girls. But how would you know what is it that she truly wants? You can only find out by accepting her proposal. Walk catiously and spend some quality time with your kids for as long as you can.

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