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Do i need to support him in rent and living expenses? when i moved out

I am disabled, moved out last year and get told after returning, the cab advised him as he is not working, that I pay the rent and the food from my benefits, i also have a disability car, where he is the nominated driver,  i have not been with him to the cab and he has not mentioned it to them that i already have moved out.
those 4 month i am bk now, we do not talk or do thinks together i be in the guestroom most of the time we do not communicate nor have been intimate since i was 45, i am now 63.
 I will be living the end of the month, as it makes me depressed and sad.
do i have to carry on paying the rent and still support him with living expenses after i moved out?  

1 Answers

Ted1234 Answered:

Amber I think you should contact a lawyer for this as soon as possible. Though I don't think you are liable to pay anything to anybody from your benefits and I don't think you are liable to support him. But I don't know if you have a rent agreement, on whose name the house is rented and whether you are supposesed to pay the rent for a certain amount of time.

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