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Shall I be Honorable?

when i happily married 20 years back i was not having any clue that she does not love me.
She has hurt me innumerable times in the marriage of 20 years.
Now she lost her charm & understood the reality,now she is trying to come close.
What shall I have to do? Before anybody advocating her move please remember Iam hurt since 20 years.

2 Answers

relationshiptips Answered:

If she feels guilty for her previous mistakes then you can forgive her and give a chance. Moreover it’s all depending on the understanding between you both and circumstances you lived in. I would like to suggest you to visit Dawghoused and get experts advice for free.

Ted1234 Answered:

You have only options, either you can forgive her for whatever hurt she has caused you and embrace your relationship once again or break off your relationship. If you can get yourself to forgive her, then you must and save your 20 years old relationship. But, if the hurt is too much for you to handle then, tell her it isn't working and move on in your life.


Replied on May 09, 2017

I opted for later one.
I was very much disturbed before writing in this column.
I got my nerves calmed now.
Once again thank you, sir

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