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Asked by Last Updated:

I love my husband, but he always cheats on me,

I found out my husband has been seeing a young woman for the past two years, maybe even longer.
He gets very defensive whenever I try to ask anything about it.
He wants me to move on and pretend like nothing ever happend.
Its easy for him, but not for me because I have a million unsanswered questions that get replaced with facts.
Like him texting her that he missed her smile, her laugh her sexy body any everything about her.
I am devasted.
I feel like Im loosing my mind.
She used to work next to him.
She knows about me and our children.
Because I used to take him lunch everyday to work.
And sometimes I would take the kids unkonowing about her.

4 Answers

Fixthis69 Answered:

What is wrong wiith this story.? When you get Married you have a bond between two people.You love each other. You nevrr think the husband will stray. Men are pigs. They have no morals. Im sorry but that is the truth. I wish it was easy to leave and start your life over. No women should be treated like this. The huband has no right to treat his wife like that.He has no respect for you... You never said the years you were married. Or if you have children. I am so tired of hearing these stories of men thinking they can break there Marriage vows.And think they can get away with it. If you have enough information on his affair. Then I would sit him down and ask him to tell truth. For your peace of mine.

relationshiptips Answered:

This is really very bad for any married relationship. In this case,either you talk to your husband directly once or you can take advice from experts who have extensive knowledge in dealing with relationships. This creates big trouble to your life in long run if you continue it without dealing it perfectly in right manner. So, I suggest Get Advised from experts and then decide what step to be taken next. I am sharing you a link fro where you get free advice with practical solutions. Good luck

Harry05 Answered:

It is always a sad thing to find yourself in such a spot as the investigator with your own partner because I was in this situation some months back,yet I didn't get him becuse he's a smart husband. A friend introduced me to this hacker cybernnectic at gmail dot com his work is amazing. I was able to read my husband chats with his mistress and calls.

Ted1234 Answered:

This is really heartbreaking. I can understand the pain you must be going through. But stand tall, stand strong. You tell your husband that your relationship is not going ahead unless he answers each and every one of your questions. I know even if you do this, the truth will make you hurt even more. But you know what, you need to know whatever has happened behind your back. Unless everything is out on the table you will never be able to get over the situation, you will never be able to trust your husband, you will never be able to overcome the anxiety of not knowing everything. After having complete knowledge of his affair if you think you can ever forgive him, only then go back to the relationship. Otherwise it is better to part ways. The most important person in your life is you and if your husband's infidelity is more than what you can handle, then you must help yourself and get out of the relationship.

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