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Feeling so down... and alone.

My mom has been diagnosed with end stage cancer.
I decided to go visit her (she is overseas).
My husband is very adamant I shouldn't do it because of our financial situation (I need $1200+ for the trip) and because our child will be emotionally affected by my absence.
When I told my husband about my mom's diagnosis he didn't even take his eyes off his phone and said  "yikes"  .
I am very distressed about the entire situation.
I've always worked hard and held a job on top of being full time in school and now I am being told that I am making an irresponsible decision.
Am I being selfish?

4 Answers

Arpitha Answered:

I dated a guy for three months and we got maried wth blessings of parents.before marriag he used to take me out so frequently .but I nevr allowed him to pay my bills before marriage though he insisted.after marriage suddenly things changed.he never takes me out and hangs out with his ex roomies(those guys r unmarried)and suddenly he started expecting a lot from me tat I should not keep a maid and do all the household myself.and now suddenly he s revealing that he wl get his parents to stay with us aftr two yrs.wen he lied to me before marriage that parents r not dependent​ on him.he always thinks he s right and nver understands my view.v fight frequently.he s not romantic nor surprised me with even a small gift aftr marriage.its been only two n half months of marriage :( sometimes I repent on my decision of marrying him.i love him a lot and can't think of leaving him.he always says he did a favour by marryin me .he says wife should be like a wife doin household.pls help me out ppl

relationshiptips Answered:

Do not take any type of chance and meet your mother today.

emmasmith Answered:

Relationships are more important, you must visit your mother.

Ted1234 Answered:

No, you are not being selfish period. Some relationships are more important than money. I feel you must visit your mother, only god knows how much time she has left and you shouldn't let the last chance of visiting her slip. Think about your mother, she needs you right now. And God forbid, suppose one day you are suffering and don't have much time left and your children don't come to see you because it was "too expense", how would you feel? There are no ifs and buts, go visit your mother.

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