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People say I am pretty but never approached

I am 22 and I am never approached by men.
I live in America where men are notorious for approaching women.
Yet, strangers (both men and women) tell me that I am beautiful/pretty.
I talked to a guy and he assumed I had a boyfriend, when I said no, he was in shock.
He said I am a very beautiful girl and that he sees ugly women with bfs all the time.
Rarely, I even see men turn heads or sometimes I might see a guy looking at me.
Yet, I am confused as to why men never seem to approach me in public anywhere or ask me out? I have only been approached maybe one time in public.
Not even creepy or weird guys approach me but I don't go to bars or clubs.
Do any other women have this problem of being told they are attractive but not approached by men? What is wrong with me if I am supposedly attractive but no guys are approaching me?  

3 Answers

Kafsabizarin Answered:

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Megan Answered:

Maybe you are scraing guys away? Try being less pretty! (lol kidding)

Ted1234 Answered:

Could be that you are too beautiful. Men find approaching women who are too pretty difficult. Most men probably think that you are out of their league, or fear that you would reject them, maybe that is why they are not approaching you. But don't you worry, it is just a phase, this feeling will go away.

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