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What can a husband do to win his wife back?

What can a man do when his wife has given up on marriage and cannot come back to the way it could've been the way it should be, how can a man bring back the hope and faith in his wife that we can be together forever in this marriage after the missery that he put her through made her feel so small that he never considered what it did to her from the inside and killed every bit of her soul which was in this marriage.
I am willing to do everything in my power to win but the distance between us is very much I am in a different country and I can't go to her because I don't have a visa to visit her.
If you can suggest how I can fix our marriage with this distance then please help me.
We both are dying from the inside.

1 Answers

relationshiptips Answered:

A true relationship needs care and love, if you want that your wife comes back to you then show some appreciation and efforts for her and let her realise that you are changing for herself and she is special for you.


Replied on Apr 19, 2017

I will do my best to show her that I do care and love her enough so she will believe in me again.
Thank you for your response.

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