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Worried about my marriage

My husband and I seem to be drifting apart lately, he works late and I feel so lonely we just seem to be strangers living together.
I just feel so depressed and I have tried talking to him, but he makes excuses.
Its breaking my heart, I don’t know what to do?

2 Answers

Ross_confused23 Answered:

Shake things up. Don;t be all docile about this; get hold of the situation and tell him things are not smooth and that you want them to get better. see how he reacts.... is he up to making things better too? or is there something else going on in his mind? if he wants to spruce things up, then i agree that a holiday to improve and up the romance would be a great idea. go for it - good luck!

Ruby Answered:

I am gonna give you the best advice I ever got in my life when I was going through a bad relationship phase with my wife. That was 10 years back. We are happily married for 15 years now with 2 kids. So now ya back to the advice. Three words: Travel to Egypt. No kidding. It is a fascinating place and both of you will be just awestruck with the majesty of life. Take this trip: explore the pyramids, go for cruises in the river Nile and dive into the healing waters of the Red sea. Thank me later.

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