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I was verbally abusive one day to my gf and threatened her son of 18yrs, HELP!

I am usually very laid back and calm about everything.
But this day was different, I got myself caught up in non-answered text messages and feeling like I was being ignored.
Which has happened over the course of our year and nine months relationship.
Although, thats small compared to how I reacted, my gf came home to try and resolve what was going on, I was on the phone and she left.
I started to look at the text messaging again and got upset due to unanswered messages, again feeling like I was being ignored.
She came back about 2 hours later, I was getting into the bed because when I get overwhelmed I get severely tired, a reaction from being ADD, plus I hadn't eaten much this day which results in low blood sugar.
NO! these are not the causes of what happened.
My actions were completely wrong and childish and inappropriate.
We have an amazing relationship, can talk about everything but sometimes glazing over or being yes'd can make you feel like your being ignored.
Anyway, she was unsuccessful in speaking with me when she came home the second time.
In fact I got really loud and she ran out of the house, I was expressing about these things (above) but it didn't resolve anything.
She had come home with her son and again she tried to approach me and I wasn't having it.
I was in bed she came to the doorway still I was bellowing, her son stood behind her and he said hey whats up you need to calm down? I perceived this as a threat and got out of the bed I cant remember what I said, but I think she asked me to go into the living room to talk as I was stepping past her, he exclaimed I pushed his Mom, she immediately told hime no he never touched me.
As I was moving away from the two of them, I looked back at her son and I thought I saw a scary look from him and I said, I'll put you down" It just came out, I dont know why except thats what I perceived he did.
Thats when she asked me to leave I refused and I left later on.
She and I have never ever had anything like this before.
I can imagine how they must have felt.
We have been in contact most days, you dont just fall out of love she says.
I know we love each other but I dont know how to repair this going forward.
I need to make amends with her son definately for this to work.
Plus make her feel comfortable to be with me again, as this can never happen again.
 Can someone give me their insight or advice as to how to proceed thank you.

2 Answers

relationshiptips Answered:

It can be happen with anyone sometime we have no control on our anger you did all this by mistake. I think you need to take advice from experienced person who can guide you properly to resolve the situation.

Ted1234 Answered:

Well all you can do is tell how much you repent whatever happened that night and ensure her that it won't happen again. As far as her son is concerned you should apologize to him as well. No matter who was at fault that night, you should be the bigger person and apologize to him. Though there are chances that he would not let it go, but atleast you can do your bit. This will make your girlfriend feel better about you.


Replied on Apr 19, 2017

Thank you Ted.
It's what I already have done , plus I have apologized without any gain with her son.
At this point it's in Gods hands.
​Regrettably I believe her trust is completely broken and she doesn't have resolve that this could happen again.

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