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My unwillingness

My unwillingness I am Gopali,26 years old.
iam a hindu & got marriede to an Engineer who is 33 years old on 26 jan 2017.
but i was not liking this marriage.
Inspite of my resistance my mother & elders convinced me & got married.
my husband is a very good person but not good looking.
he is 5.
3 feet & iam 5 feet .
iam white but my husband is little black.
I have tried my level best to understand him & live with him happilly,but somehow i am not able to share my body with him.
i get irritated if he makes advances with me.
iam hurt & also i know he is deeply hurt from my behaviour.
kindly aqdvice me as what to do.

1 Answers

Ted1234 Answered:

Gopali, I think you are being very shallow, appearance, height and color has nothing to do with compatibility. You are 26 years old I don't believe that anybody can force you to get married. But even if that happened, you wouldn't have continued with your marriage for 3 months had you been forcefully married. I think you agreed to the match and that is why you are married. Now that you are together with your husband you should try and look past his appearance try to make your married life better. And if that doesn't work out for you, you should get divorced.

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