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Boyfriend cheating

My bf ex gf contacted me and said he is been with her for a year now, and she found out he is seeing me as well, not sure where she found my information as I am not on any social media she said she had my car number plate traced to find the information.
She told me that they had sex in my car and she was sorry as she did not know it was my car and they went to hotels with my car as well.
she sent me a picture of them together and wants me to confront him, yet she does not want to confront him all she keeps saying I must protect her and act like I found this information myself because she can't afford to lose him or live without him.
She keeps messaging me to check if I spoke to him and what we discussed and when he was online last and keeps pressurizing me to confront him.
This is all new to me and not sure how to deal with this is you could please help me with some advice.
Thank you

1 Answers

Ted1234 Answered:

What your boyfriend's supposed girlfriend is doing is extremely twisted. Why would she tell you to confront him and not do it herself? Who wants to be in relationship with a cheater? This is completely my opinion and might not be true: I think she is trying to break you guys up because she is still in love with your boyfriend (her ex). It only makes sense, why would she tell you to pretend that you found out yourself that she and your bf are together and leave him and let her remain in the relationship. The only way to find out if all this is true is actually confronting your boyfriend. And you have to tell him the entire truth including whatever his ex has told you to do.

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