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How to deal with unsupportive spouse?

Dear Sir/Madam, We are married since 3 years now.
We both are earning and are of same cast and live with our parents.
However, after 3 years of marriage we keep doing fight every time and day because of her unsupportive (neither mentally nor financially) and irresponsible nature for my parents and me.
She always cares for her parents and as my in-laws stays near to us around 10-15 mins walk, she keep going there everytime/day after lying to us and by keeping rest of house responsibility behind.
This always creates a quarrel between us.
This fight became serious now and it is going on negative way.
So, please help me to tackle this situation.

1 Answers

Ted1234 Answered:

If your wife has to lie to you to visit her parents, then I am afraid, there is a serious problem in your marriage. You live with your parents but have a problem with her visiting her parents! I don't think you are being fair to her. I think you should sit her down and tell her that she does not have to lie to you to go to her parents. Explain to her that you don't have a problem with her going to her parents place but she should not ignore her share of chores. Also, you should help her with the chores some more so that she can also have to privilage of spending more time with her parents like you already have.

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