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Sexual problems in age-gap relationship!

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 6 years now and we are okay, but there is a problem with sex.
The problem is he is a lot older than I am (he is 48 and I'm 29) and he is a bit insecure about the age gap.
So, how do I say that I want to try more adventurous things in bed without making him feel more insecure?

1 Answers

Sylvia Answered:

I guess you need to visit a therapist who could guide you both on this. It may seem like a drastic step to take but it has worked for many couples. This may even be a bit awkward for the two of you but sex is a major factor that needs to be addressed. I would highy recommend this - In fact, there is a Merly Streep movie on this exactly called 'Hope Springs' - Please watch it

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