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I Am Jealous of My Wife's Hobby

I am 48 and my wife is 42.
  We have been married five years.
  Her hobby is a rockabilly/swing dancing.
  She belongs to a local club who gather at a local HS gym and they also go to regional rockabilly dance competitions and conventions.
  She was doing this when I met her, while we were dating and throughout our marriage she has continued to be very active.
  For most of our marriage she was only going to these meetups about every other Saturday, and then competitions were one or two times a year.
  Occasionally her and a few members would meet at one of the member's house to practice new moves.
  I have always supported her hobby and have gone to every competition and show her club has put on.
  I am a golfer, and I golf about twice a month.
  We always have given each other the freedom to follow our interests.
  However, for the past two months my wife's participation in this club has increased a lot.
  They are ramping up for a regional competition and she has been gone two nights a week and every Saturday night.
  This has been going on for six weeks or so and I'm starting to get a bit mioffed.
  I hardly see her anymore.
  We both work long hours so we only get a couple of hours alone together in the evenings.
  I have expressed my annoyance and she gets very defensive.
  She has told me that once this competition, in late March is over, she will go back to her original practice schedule and spend more time with me.
    Am I wrong to be angry about this?  I feel bad too because I feel like I should support her interests.

2 Answers

Frumpy Answered:

Well my problem resolved itself last week. After following up on some suspicions I had I found out and confirmed she has been having an affair. So that is that.

Arpita Answered:

I think you know the answer to your question yourself. From reading your question I get the impression that you and your wife are an open minded couple and have a healthy relationship. You support each other's passions and that is wonderful. Being annoyed by your wife's absence is not wrong on your part in any way. As her husband you can expect your wife to spend some quality time with you, which is mostly is impossible on weeknights because people get tired from work. And on Saturdays she isn't available, so for you it is absolutely reasonable to complain about that. But, if she is saying that it will get over this month then let her do it. There is no point arguing or stressing yourself out for such a temporary thing and that too for such a short period of time. If you do complain to your wife too much, you will have unnecessary arguments in your relationship. You yourself will regret it once her competition is over. So my advice to you is just let it pass. You can spend more time with her when she gets back to her usual routine. 

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