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Is it unusual that my husband doesn't want to share info about past sexual partners with his wife of over 3 yrs?

My husband dosent want to share any information about his past sexual relationships with me including who he lost his virginity to and I feel as his wife that we should tell each other everything and be able to talk about any topic without any awkwardness.
He seems to think that I'm just prying into his past and feels I have no business knowing.
This makes me sad that he does not want to share his past with me and I don't know if it's wrong of me to feel this way.
He says that I'm just being nosey and there is no reason I should want to know these things.
Is it wrong that I feel this way or is he just being secretive or hiding things from me? Anyone have any advice?

1 Answers

Arpita Answered:

Normally, married couples do share everything about their previous romantic/sexual experiences with each other. So there is nothing wrong with you being inquisitive about that. But if your husband doesn't want to share his experiences, then he must have his reasons. Maybe he is too embarrassed or uncomfortable, maybe talking about his previous partners is too painful for him, maybe he is trying to protect your feelings. In any case, as long as his sexual past is in the past and he is completely committed to you, you must not be afraid. Anyways, as his wife you have the right the ask him about his previous sexual encounters. If not knowing that bothers you so much, you must sit him down, explain your concerns and ask him directly. But think to yourself, even if he reveals the numbers or names of his previous sexual partners, will it make you any happier? The answer is probably no. 

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