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How do I know if my husband truly does love me?

How do I know if my husband truly does love me?

2 Answers

True love can be shown in different ways, it depends on individuals difference or understanding. For couples, here is how to know if he truly love you. He will cherish you and always want to be with you. Makes out time to be with you. He will care about your feeling, physically, mentally and emotionally. He will care about your relationship with God. He will value your opinion just as he values you, not because without you he can't take decision but because he believes that you can say something meaningful too. He will appreciate every little efforts you make, no matter how small it may be. He will hardly complain against you, he knows you are not perfect but will not use it as advantage to make you look irrelevant in his life. Always proud of you both when with friends and even with family members. He will care about your sex life, your intimacy with him is important to him, he will always try to make it up to you. For him, you are the best gift he has received from God so he placed you above every other lady around. He will find it difficult to give attention to any lady because you have his attention 100% not because there are no other beautiful ladies around but because he believes that you are enough for him, for everything he wants in a woman. Read more at....

Narnam Answered:

That depends on how you define true love.... if he's being a good husband through his actions like caring for you, providing for the family, being responsible and making you feel special, then he truly loves you and is committed to the relationship.   

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