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Infidelity has led to husband getting mistress pregnant

My husband of 12 years just revealed he has enpregnated another woman, baby is one month old and I am going out of my mind I don't know what to do, not sure if this marriage can still be saved.

4 Answers

Sunshine14 Answered:

Thanks for the advice, this was over a year ago sadly or happy to say ( I’m not sure ) but we ended up splitting up. Haven’t officially divorced but we are separated it was a very hard decision for me I didn’t want to break a family but I felt it was something I had to do. At the end I really didn’t care what he thought or what he wanted it was always about him anyways I felt i neeeded to make this decision I wish my kids would never have had to have this happen to them but it did but sometimes life happens and it’s not always fair and perfect but we’ll survive

Jus4fun Answered:

Leave him. He cheated on you and got the person pegnant.Ask him why he did not use protection? Divorce him. It will never be a good moment knowing what he did to you. Im so sorry for your pain your going tbrough. If you love yourself please leave do Not give him the right to cheat on you . You will never Trust him if you stay. You need to go to a therapist for your self. I dont know how long you been married, All Men Cheat. I will never get married again. Do not want to deal with the Infidelity. Then hear a big lie. Jus4fun

emmasmith Answered:

He cheated on you, Do you want to stay in this marriage?

Narnam Answered:

Oh my god - this sounds crazy and I cannot imagine what you must be going through. What does your husband want? Is he accepting that he made a mistake and also wants to save the marriage? You can get the answer to your question only after he reveals his future intentions.... Either ways, this is a heartbreaking time to know that your spouse has cheated on you... Do you want to stay in this marriage? Ask yourself honestly before anything else....  

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