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We've lived in the country for 25 of our 40 years of marriage. Now I want to move into the city. He won't budge.

He has a successful tree nursery business on our property, his life dream.
I feel the need for a sense of community and nearby friends.
Driving back and forth an hour to the city to join groups does not work for me; I've tried it.
I want a sense of community and belonging, which I've never had.
It never bothered me before.
Now that I'm 64, it does.
I don't want him to give up his dream, but it's not fair to me to be isolated out here.

2 Answers

emmasmith Answered:

You can care deeply for your husband and support his passions!

Narnam Answered:

You say you wish to have a sense of belonging and that's only understandable. It is something we all long for... My question is: why don't you already feel a sense of belonging here, with your husband, when you have lived with him at the country since almost 25 years? Why don't you have a a sense of community here? What about friends? I'd say 25 years is a long time is have a set of friends...Why haven't you invested your time in establishing fullsilling connections here? You admit that you haven't had a problem before - then why now? Since it never bothered you before, your hurband perhaps fails to understand this need now.He feels a sense of belonging here and for him to move away is questionnable.... I'm sure there's more to this....I just wish to know more details...You seem like you care deeply for your husband and want to support his passions & yet, don't want to be unfair to yourself as well. There's always a way to work it out...

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