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Advice about online dating.

I am recently divorced and I feel insecure about dating agai.
I have not been on the dating scene since I was a teenager and that was the 1970's! I have signed up for a few online dating sites but have no clue on what to write in the profile, let alone what kind of guys I would meet.
Has anyone got any advice on this? I'm fast approaching 50!

1 Answers

Graham Answered:

Things might have changed since 70s, but the basic factors remain the same. I can give you some advice. You can surely use dating sites and they will probably fix your date with some good man. You definitely do need to research about the man who might be dating in future. Do check their facebook profiles. Do not reach to conclusions on the basis of one personal meeting. He will probably bring some flowers for you, so be prepared. He might even get a gift. You need to look out for frauds. You may even get a gift or flowers for the guy. Hang out with him as much as you can. Watch some movies, and dine with him regularly for some days. I think you will know enough about the guy within 2-3 dates to decide on him further. But you find anything wrong, do not meet the guy after 2-3 dates. You will do good! Do not feel the pressure, that can really make things awkward. And neither is it for a 50 year old woman/man to date.

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