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How do I start a conversation with my wife about me suspecting a possible infidelity on a recent business trip?

My wife recently returned from a business trip and she has been acting differently than normal after these types of trips.
She's unusually short about how the trip went and the functions she attended.
There is always alot of nightlife on these types of trips with colleagues and vendors, etc.
Being alittle suspicious at her unusual demeanor, I did scroll through her phone to find every text deleted for 2 of the 4 days of her trip.
All of her pictures were deleted from her phone as well.
I know she used her phone for texts because she texted me and others on those days- Also pictures from a few of the night events that she did send to me have also been deleted.
In the past, I've never had reason to suspect cheating.
She is a social person, does drink at social functions, and being very attractive- ALWAYS gets alot of attention from men (in my presence and not).
I don't want her to know I looked through her phone, but how do I broatch this subject with her? I don't know how to start this conversation.
Any advice?

4 Answers

2018MLMM Answered:

I am a firm believer in trusting your instincts. You need to talk to her. Yes, you will want to believe her, but I think you know what happened. If she denies, I would insist on her taking a polygraph. Her reaction to this statement might be all the information you actually need. Then you need to decide if you can live with the truth. Good luck

Megan Answered:

Something sounds shady. I don't think you should beat around the bush. Be direct.

emmasmith Answered:

Just talk to her about this and you never had any reason to doubt her.

Nn_420 Answered:

I'd be suspicious if I were you....Just talk to her about this....Exactly how you mentioned it here..that formerly you never had any reason to doubt her but since she's been acting pretty unusual, you have been thinking about it now....See how she reacts...

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