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Having a contract with your husband

Hi everyone, Is anyone having a kind of writting contract with your husband ? Something like, if he is cheating, I leave him.
Or, if he is not helping at home, he gets a punition ? I search for some list, questionnaire, contract but couldn't find anything quite complete ? I do really feel that I need to do something to improve or stabilise our relationship and I do think that make a kind of contract or respect few things by writting could help.
I just want a good base including couple life and sex life.
Please some help.

4 Answers

Tom_LA Answered:

I made this 'couple questionnary' test months ago. So far so good. It was really difficult to do all the things proposed, try to respect some date and frequency. It's like a kind of special programm that propose you to work on where you are not good at. Even all the sex related things proposed was like a therapy. The key is that bith of us have to respect it all even the funny things. I advice it to anyone that want to make peace with his partner.

Vanessa_Louisiana Answered:

Ah yeah, you can try it. ​I did it after my second kid. I was sceptical at the beginning because there were many strange questions, many things related to sex, many scenarios completely stupid that was proposed. Then, I tried, agreed and experienced many stuff and we loved it and had a lot of fun.   It was so a good idea that we made a separate list together with my husband with all the stuffs we want eachother to do, respect, not do or try. Just try it, say OK for many things,be honnest in your answer. Anyway all remain confidential...

Greg_Montreal Answered:

Hi, I did this test ''couple questionnary'' too with my girl friend months ago. I do think that is something created by researchers or counsellors because it's quite complete and take a bit of time to fill up. That was a good wake-up for our couple. I was really hard for me for few things. This made me do and try many kinky things and my girl friend tried many things too. At the end, I'm really happy and we are both quite more relaxed and open-minded after it. I lost a bit of pride and our respective image of each other changed a bit so we are closer now.

Xiao-Xing Answered:

Hi All,   I know and did this test too months ago. We still use it know. ​I'm from Hong-Kong and my husband is from Quebec.   I was pregnant and worry about a lot of things. My husband didn't show me that he was here to help me. Many things changed after this for me and him too. We tried many kinky things but all for the best. I think that many things were strange but at the end all was a part of big change that made everything easier.   Now he is more cooperativ than ever and even respect all that I wanted. My advice is to make your husband try many many things from this list and to respect all.

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