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Money and Marriage

After 3 years of marriage to my husband, í can say that am a total stranger to him as far as money is concerned.
2 months before wedding he took a life insurance with 3 different accounts which he pays until today a total of 850 Euro per month.
This is a one third of his income.
I am working a part time job earning little.
Strange we are struggling to servive not becos we have no money but cos of his selfish decision on taking extra insurances.
From the little i earn imust pay for my sons education (a son from my x boyfriend) and buy my own food.
My hubby will never buy food in the house.
Strange this meaniness is not only on money but also on space.
Since i got married,habe never had extra wardrobe for my clothes.
Simply cos he is evenmean with space.
am forced to squeeze my winter and summer clothes , shoes and all in tiny wardrobe.
Confused if am married to a mentally ill person in the name of meanness or just to a SUPER MEAN MAN::CAN ANYONE PLEASE GIVE ME SOME COMMENTS ONT HIS

3 Answers

emmasmith Answered:

Lack of these things will not only affect your relationship but will also make you feel depressed and will leave an impact on your mental health. Well, you must have heard of the relationship and couple therapy, which has become much common nowadays. The various relationship therapy exercises let you understand your partner, your relation with him, your own feelings and emotions, and all other related facts in a better way.

Nicy0098 Answered:
Advicebynags Answered:

Tamara, Leaving everything aside....what struck me most was when you said that your husband never buys food for the house. What kind of a cruel man would not buy food for his wife....!!? It's just beyond me...You know the thing is, men show love and care in a different way than women.... A loving husband would ensure that he provides for his family. Provides them good food, love and give them their space. In your case, leaving everything aside your husband expects that your buy your own food for yourself (as well as your son I'm assuming). This is not a marriage at all.... A marriage is when two people combine their lives together in a way that it becomes one... In a marraige, you are expected to share food, beds, tables, time, finances, kids - everything! You seem to be stuck in a horrible situation. No husband who loves his wife and family would treat her in such a manner. I dont think he loves you at all Tamara.... If he'd like to spend his life in such a selfish manner, then let him do so alone.... Please, for the sake of your own sanity and that of your boy, get out of his life and start afresh...

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