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What is life like after a breakup?

i think that my boyfriend wants to break up with me but i can't imagine life without him.
is it possible to recreate an healthy routine after a break up?

3 Answers

Jain4Jain Answered:

There is nothing to get disappointed, there is always the second option for every problem. Break up is not the end of your life, you can start your life with the new beginning. Think positive and let the thing be normal for you.

relationshiptips Answered:

Firstly try to find issues he has with you and fix them as soon as possible. Once everything fine then do not repeat those mistakes again. If you think you are right at your place then take advice from third person who can suggest you best. To make your relationship healthy I suggest Dawghoused is the best place to get experts advice for free.

Poline Answered:

i suggest to go home and date your friends in order to distract yourself. then stick to a planned daily routine and do not keep your mind free because in this way you will be thinking of him. try instead to forget him for a while and let memories go untill you gt over it.

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