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Me and my wife will be married for 25 years next month.
Over the course of the past few years it just seems like we have been growing apart from each other in that she spends more time on the phone talking with her friends, reading books, and playing games on the commputer, than anything else.
We hardly talk, and when we do it usually is agravarting.
We have not been intimate in more than a year, and when she talk with her friends everyday she spends more talking with them in one day, than what seems like to be the equal of an month.
Not sure what to do?

4 Answers

emmasmith Answered:

Hiring a marriage therapist is highly recommended for the couple whose marriage is at the edge of breaking. Whether it is the emotional issues, lack of love, communication gap or any other issue, a marriage therapist will help the couples to resolve those issues effectively.

mathisurendran Answered:

This the most common marriage scenario. Modern technology has literally destroyed many marriage relationships. Your wife talks in the mobile for long time because your relationship has become very routine and boring. You should nurture your relationship, otherwise your married life can be very stressful. Do not talk only about family matters with your wife. It is always very argumentative. Take her out often. Go for long walks. Talk about things that interest her. Buy her surprising gifts. Demostrate your love openly. Listen to her thoughts.

Manishankar Answered:

The fact that you have been together for 25 years shows you care for each other.   Women appreciate constant attention, adulation, appreciation and encouragement in what they think and may be you have been a critic in analysing her actions.  Since you know her interests, change your approach and try to get intimate without offending.  Do acts that are pleasing to her and shower all your attention even on simple matters that she deals with.  If you have access to what she keeps discussing with friends, you can talk on same subject with her.  At the right time, share your feelings frankly, make her feel that you miss her company badly.   In short, behave like a person who is in love for the first time and without any inhibitions, indulge in the romance.  She is bound to reciprocate and you both will have many more years of true love, affection.  Best wishes.

Helpinghand Answered:

This does happen after so many years of being together. Why don't you speak with her about how you feel. Choose the right time, when you both are feeling calm and nice. Organise a dinner with some wine and encourage a good conversation. It will distract her from her other friends and interests that have replaced.... Make an effort to show that you still care about her and this relationship very much. Do things that she finds adorable and romantic - she will surely take notice. Come back and share how that goes....

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