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I trust my wife, but should I be worried about this?

My wife works for a very small company and it is only her and her boss in the small building.
I will also add that his apartment is connected to the office.
He takes her to lunch almost everyday.
Last week I get a pic sent to me by a friend that showed the two of them drinking wine with lunch.
A little troubling to say the least.
Yesterday they went to a convention in a neighboring town.
They had some downtime, so they went to a store.
She was seen trying on jeans and he was right there looking on as she modeled them.
Should I be worried about this? I don't want to be a jealous jerk.
  Thank you for any advice! 

2 Answers

mathisurendran Answered:

Modernity has made married life very complicated. Unless some distance is maintained from the opposite sex it leads to many problems in your relationship. Your wife might be friendly with her boss, but she is overdoing it. She should not spend too much outside work hours with him. Do not suspect her. But you must talk to her before you become paranoid with suspicion. Do not ask probing questions. Be very reasonable and understanding. I hope she understands.

Crazystupidlove Answered:

I don't think you're being a jealous person at all! I think you should speak up and take this up with you're wife. Since when did having wine or lunch everyday with the boss, or going out shopping with him become part of professional life? This is a serious matter and if you ignore it, she may think you are completely okay with this. And if it is a such a small company where your wife works, then you must even suggest her to get out and find a better job... This is your marriage after all. Why risk it?

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