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I don't want this marriage now!

I have been married for 3 years now but I don't love my husband anymore.
I met a man from work last year and have been seriously involved with him since then.
I really love him and need to end this marriage.
He tells me to get divorced so we can marry.
I feel very guilty about doing this to my husband though, as he has always been very loving and caring towards me; we were the best buddies since the longest time.
But I love the other man now.
What should I do?

1 Answers

Mark Answered:

You already have the answer to your question. If you would have cared about your husband you wouldn't have let yourself fall in love with the other guy. So, the answer is you do not love your present husband, neither do you care for him. You decided over this a long time ago when you decided to fall in love with the other guy. Having said that, it is not wrong to love but cheating your husband for one year can be a serious accusation. You should strictly not be cheating your present husband anymore. You should be honest with him and should not consider waiting for one more day before telling him everything about your extra-marital affair. He deserves this much. People always fall in love, come out and then again fall in love. That is your own decision but the worst part is you didn't tell about it to your husband on the very first day you fell in love with the other guy.

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