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Do we admire and respect each other?

We need to respect and admire the person we marry.
We respect a person's good character, meaningful aspirations, goals he/she is committed to, the good deeds he/she has done, and not the way he/she looks.
How do you talk to each other? If you truly respect someone, you talk to that person with respect and dignity.
Do you criticize or put each other down? Are you patient or impatient with each other? Do you make jokes about the other person in front of others and then try to cover it by saying, “I was only joking”?

2 Answers

Family_forever Answered:

Respect is in fact the most important ingredient for a successful marriage or relationship. But then again, the meaning of respect changes every second. Do you feel respected when your wife cooks food for you and obeys your every command? Or do you feel respected when she discusses her problems with you? Joking in public can also be seen as a sign of her inherent trust in you that you will not mind, and you both are comfortable with each other to such an extent that any of you are not afraid to make fun of each other. This again can be seen as a form of respect which means that both of you respect each other so much that you don't need to show it ostentatiously. I feel respect breeds from a deep understanding of each other and care for each other.

Graham Answered:

Woah! I respect a lot of women, but I ain't gonna marry one. I respect my favorite author, but would I marry her if chance given? NO. Love is the thing that is required for a relationship, whereas respect is only a minor cause of love. So, you see, respect is necessary but emotional understanding and compatibility is much more important. If you are intolerant about a joke made on you in public, then its your problem and not your wifes'/husbands'. If you want someone to respect you, you should marry a janitor/janitress, for he/she will definitely respect for your stature in the society.

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